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Senegal and Rwanda Project







Component 1: Support agricultural decision-makers with appropriate and timely climate information and services to facilitate integration into agriculture policies, plans, strategies and practices




Review of climate information and services needs of agricultural decision-makers

D.1 íV Report 1

D.1 íV Report 1

Logistical and organizational support of data collection/rescue, quality control, storage, processing, analysis and climate database management (CDBMS)

D.2 íV Report 2

D.2 íV Report 2

Development of a climate-based crop calendar

D.3 íV Crop calendar methodology


Support collection, processing, storage, analysis and dissemination of agrometeorological weather and climate data and information in terms of a crop calendar including feedback from users

D.4 íV Senegal crop calendar

D.4 íV Rwanda crop calendar

Component 2: Develop the capacity of administration and maintenance of agrometeorological services for sustainability of climate services in agriculture



Assessment of National Meteorological Service capacities and needs

D.5 íV Report 3 (including questionnaire)

D.5 - Questionnaire


D.5 íV Report 3

Provision of training materials on agrometeorological and agroclimatological services

D.6 íV Training outline


Coordinate and facilitate the coproduction of technical, content and user perspective for the constant feeding and updating of information on agrometeorological and agroclimatological services

D.9 íV Report 4

D.9 íV Report 4

Component 3: Enhance operational and technical cooperation on provisions and use of weather and climate information to support sustainable agriculture and food security



Review of existing operational and technical cooperation between national meteorological service, ministries and other stakeholders

D.11 íV Report 5

D.11 íV Report 5